How to Get Your Customers to Do Your Marketing for You

And other quick & easy customer-driven marketing tips

No time for marketing? Let your customers do it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a dentist, a realtor, a lawyer, office manager, or owner of a car dealership--you’re busy doing what you’re good at. Whether that’s perfecting someone’s smile or selling a couple their dream car, marketing isn’t in the job description. 

Sure, you might be the unicorn that has the natural knack for root canals and brand awareness. Or you might be wishing on a star that Mary Poppins comes in to save the day. The good news is you don’t need Mary Poppins. All you need is your customers.

In this eBook, we’ll go over how you can do your job and get your marketing done too. (Secret:  It involves delighting your customers. You’re already doing that? Awesome. You’re 95% there. This eBook covers the other 5%.)

What's in this eBook:

  • Customer-Driven Marketing: The Marketing of Today
  • Your Customers' Stories: Influencers and Social Media
  • How Your Customers’ Pain Points Can Help Tell Your Story
  • Getting More Online Reviews
  • Monitoring Your Reviews
  • Let your customers (and their reviews) do the marketing for you



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